Vishuddha Chakra

When people meet me, they see a very outgoing person, someone who can easily speak to anyone. I really appear as an extrovert. They are always amazed to find that I’m not as comfortable in larger groups and that I find it really challenging to speak in front of groups. So I chose the 5th Chakra, the Vissudha Chakra, to study and work on this month. The more I learned about this chakra, the more I identified with it and realize that it is out of balance. A person with a balanced throat chakra can express him or herself well. They can easily speak their truth and accurately express their feelings. An imbalanced Vissudha chakra can manifest itself by talking too much and/or not listening enough. You  tend to question what you’ve said and ruminate if it was the right thing to say. I hold back a lot because I have a challenging time expressing exactly what I am feeling and I worry about saying the wrong thing. A blocked 5th chakra can also manifest in illness, such as frequent [...]

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Camels Hump Hike and Run

I took advantage of a stunning November day to take a hike/run down Camels Hump. It was nearly 60 degrees at the start, but a bit icy and some snow at the top. I really tried to make it a nature meditation by focusing my thoughts on the beauty and sounds of the mountain nature. As other thoughts would arise, I would bring them back. Running down and hopping the rocks was awesome, and much easier to keep your thoughts in the present, as it really takes concentration not to trip and fall. It was beautiful to notice the leaves, rocks, trickle of the water and the changing temperature from bottom to top and back down. I was hoping to do a meditation at the top but it was brutal with super gusty winds.

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NJ Visit

Quick visit back to New Jersey and I was able to take advantage of picture perfect 60 degree weather with a beach run and meditation on the sound and vast expanse of the ocean. I am practicing keeping my eyes more open during meditation and taking in the environment without becoming distracted. Meditate with me while watching this beautiful video.

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