My Dad’s Journey

Samsara. Literally translated as “continuous movement,” it is the Buddhist perspective of our cycle of life on earth as we follow the path of Birth, Sickness, Old Age, and Death. As we age, we inevitably bear witness to those in the later stages of life, including our own parents. I am having the honor of spending time with my Dad during the period that we expect to be the last weeks of his life. It’s a time of thought and reflection for everyone. We are blessed by having my good friend Maria Montenegro, a Buddhist Nun and End-of-Life Coach, sharing her incredible loving kindness, and spiritually guiding us through this journey. I wanted to share her wonderful guide, Holding Space for the Dying, where she provides some answers the difficult, and for some of us, awkward, question of what we can and should do to support our loved ones who are approaching death. Maria has lovingly helped my father express, understand, and reduce the fear and unresolved issues about the process of dying that he is now experiencing. It’s [...]

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Surrender: Cease resistance. As I transition my life to one of more serenity I find myself seeking more time alone, or more aptly, more time with my own mind. It's pretty cool to just observe your mind, and follow without judgement or attachment wherever it goes. I am really enjoying my time at the very special Bolton mountain. It's peaceful. I never thought I would enjoy hiking alone but it's really a special time to just "be" and enjoy nature without electronic distraction. In my practice over the last few months I've notice dramatic positive changes in my relationships and knowing that the only thing that changed was me, I realize how much control we have over our mental state, both positive and negative. How enjoyable life can be and much more rewarding relationships can be through acceptance. Both acceptance and love of ourselves and seeing the beautiful beings in others. Although it is a constant challenge to let the ego go, and not follow societal's influence to blame and get angry, I just feel much better when I don't. [...]

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