How did I spend my 2017-2018 winter in Vermont?

This was my second winter in Vermont, the Green Mountain State, and it was even more awesome than my first! To be sure, this was a long cold winter that lasted a good five months. Nevertheless, I bundled up and enjoyed every minute of it. Throughout the winter, I strapped on my snowshoes and explored the many backcountry trails at Bolton Valley. In Stowe, I snowshoed up the Scenic Notch Road and, feeling a bit adventurous, explored some of Vermont's famous Long Trail. I downhill skied at Stowe, and fell in love with the Sterling trail off of the Sensation Lift on the Spruce Peak side of the Stowe resort. As strange as this sounds, my biggest recent accomplishment was re-learning how to properly breathe through the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method. Mouth breathing causes a host of problems and, without going into the underlying medical reasons, exacerbates the symptoms of asthma. With this method, I trained myself to  breathe only through my nose even when engaging in cardiovascular activities. If the activity was too strenuous to maintain nasal breathing, I slowed [...]