Healthy breathing while speaking can be achieved.

Shortness of breath while speaking is unhealthy! The more that I’ve had a chance to closely observe people’s breathing patterns, the more I’ve come to realize that, despite how “natural” breathing is to us, most of us do not breathe correctly. Poor breathing contributes to poor health, causing many chronic conditions and exacerbating others. This holds especially true for those with asthma and other pre-existing respiratory issues. I myself once had poor breathing habits. I never understood the extent to which this impacted my health until I researched this issue. I wanted to find breathing techniques to better control my asthma. And what happened to me was truly transformative — so much so, that I’ve devoted a good part of my time sharing this with others. Healthy breathing takes training and conscious effort. And the sad reality is that very few of us breath correctly. Gasping or sighing while speaking has become the new normal. Since virtually  everyone does it, no one even stops to think that it’s an issue. The breathing that we often see today is totally [...]

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Healthy breathing healthy living the summer 2018

Wow, this summer really flew by. I’ll remember the Summer 2018 as a time of rejuvenation. I needed, and very much wanted, to restore and improve my physical and spiritual health. I knew I needed to put myself on the right trajectory for the next decade or more of my life, and as we all know, health is everything. In short, it was wonderful. I totally immersed myself in relaxation — consciously living in a state of low tension, low anxiety, low self-induced stress, and on and on. And doing so every waking moment and every sleeping moment. Relaxation permeated every aspect of my life, my activities and my relationships. And everything blossomed! I knew everything would improve, but what took me by surprise was the level of improvement. It was truly transformational.  Without exaggeration, I feel that I am a different person than I once was, both physically and mentally. I look at my old self as a stranger. I Improved my health, my relationships with others, and my sense of self. So how did I do it? My [...]

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