The Buteyko Breathing Normalization Method

My story of asthma and recovery.

During my 20’s, I worked as an account coordinator in a pre-press production facility. Though not a printing facility, there still was something in the air from the production and editing of the film used for printing. Unfortunately for me, this work environment caused me to develop bronchial asthma that Ive had to deal with to this day.

After my initial diagnosis and treatment, I managed to keep my asthma under control using medications. Over time, as long as I avoided the triggers, I limited my medication use to when I became sick or was exposed to VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) such as smoke, paint, cleaning supplies. My asthma was sometimes triggered by exercise, which was especially frustrating for me because I was used to maintaining an active lifestyle.

As I grew older, I found that my symptoms were getting worse and happening more frequently. As a yoga teacher, I was especially interested in researching what I could do for myself to control my asthma instead of relying on medication. As many do, I started research my interests online. I was hoping to see if there were any pranayama (control of breath) techniques that I could use to help me improve my breathing.

To my surprise, the more I researched, the more I found out that many of the common pranayama techniques that are taught in yoga classes and that I had practiced for years should be avoided by those with asthma. At best, these techniques do not help, and at worst, they potentially aggravate asthma. The yoga breathing techniques that I was practicing turned out to be counterproductive and were making my asthma worse! And the more digging I did, the more I learned out about the root causes of asthma. More importantly, I started to learn what I could do for myself to help.

Eventually I ended up on This site, which was full of information supported both scientifically and anecdotally with many testimonials from those whose lives were literally changed. I dont know how else to say it. The information on this site did far more than resonate with me. It was the pathway to health that I was looking for. Wanting to learn more. I purchased the authors book, “Breathe To Heal.” I contacted the Executive Director and author, Sasha Yakovleva, through her website and arranged to learn the Buteyko method. 

Within a few weeks of studying and applying the method, I no longer needed any of my asthma medications and the internal healing process of my body had begun. This all started in November, 2016. I have spent the last year focusing on making myself healthier through breathing exercises, awareness of my breathing, and making the recommended lifestyle changes necessary to support my improved breathing. Virtually, everything we do, including our diet, influences and impacts our breathing.

I continued my studies and am now certified as a Breathing Normalization Instructor. I truly look forward to bringing the Buteyko Breathing Method to those, like me, who have struggled with breathing difficulties that have impinged on the enjoyment and quality of their lives. I want others to experience what I found: enjoyment of day-to-day activities free from breathing difficulties.

To be sure, this is not a quick fix. This is a long-term, indeed, lifelong process that takes practice and hard work. Changing the way you breathe is not easy. For me, the results have been well worth it and have motivated me to keep going. I feel a thousand times better than at any other point in my life. Finally,  I am in control of my asthma instead of being reliant on medications. This method is a work in process. As my breathing continues to improve, so will my overall health.

Breathing Normalization is the perfect complement to both my Yoga and Meditation practices as stress reduction and relaxation are the core.
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Many thanks and much gratitude to Sasha Yakovleva at

Disclaimer: Breathing Normalization Instructors are not medical doctors, and do not treat any particular disease. They educate people on the Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization method and teach people how to reduce or eliminate their hyperventilation. Ordinarily, the Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization method leads to significant improvement in many bodily systems and overall functioning. As a result, a person becomes much healthier and commonly loses their primary symptoms, especially breathing difficulties and problems

Breathing Normalization Instructors do not give advice regarding medication. They help students to strengthen their breathing, and as a result, they often lose most or all of their primary symptoms. Decisions about medication and dosages are between a student and their physician. However, oftentimes when symptoms are reduced, and standard medical diagnostics show that the asthmatic condition is improving, physicians may recommend a reduction in medication.