Laughing River Yoga YRT 200
Yin Yoga Intensive with Emily Garrett
YogAlign workshop with Michaelle Edwards
Yoga Nidra 4-day Intensive with Kamini Desai

Senior Chair Yoga

I offer a wonderful class designed for seniors with limited mobility and dementia. The class begins with gentle stretching and, depending on the ability of the class, can include modified seated or standing yoga poses. The class also enjoys incorporating yoga poses into a choreographed seated dance to favorite songs. The class ends with relaxation using one or more of a variety of meditation techniques including visualization, mindfulness of breathing and body scanning, relieving stress and agitation. A strong focus on encouraging healthy breathing, movement and participation. 

Yin Yoga in Class, at Home, or Anywhere

What’s Yin Yoga? Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga practice that can help you achieve desired changes in your body. Holding postures in supported positions with muscular engagement will gradually relax tight connective tissue around your joints and spine and access deeper layers of fascia. However, like with any yoga, to truly understand its benefits and how it will make you feel better in your daily life, you have to consistently do it.

By considering your athletic or postural goals, I can work with you to develop a coordinated a series postures to help achieve your goals. Yin Yoga can improve mobility, alleviate chronic pain, make you less injury-prone, and add joy to your life!

My approach to Yin Yoga is informed and influenced by the YogAlign® recommendations for optimal spinal alignment using modified traditional yoga poses. 

“Julie is a valuable source for learning about and practicing meditation and lovely to work with.”
September, 2017 -Betsy Nesbitt, Flyway Yoga